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If the paint in your house starts to become noticeably damaged, or is no longer a color you like, do you buy a new house? Of course not – that’s absurd.

What many people don’t realize is that cabinetry can be looked at in a similar way. Of course, restoring cabinets or changing their style isn’t as simple as painting a wall. The belief that cabinets are an “all or nothing” proposition is understandable.

There’s very good news, though: You can renew the beauty of your damaged cabinetry, or even change their style without replacing them entirely. This offers a tremendous cost savings, and tremendous home improvement value as well.

The chances are that the shells of your cabinets are in fine shape. Why throw them away? Have Custom Cabinet Refacing keep all of that valuable structural material intact. The look you want will come from applying new materials to the shell walls, and building new doors in the style that you’ve chosen. The drawer pulls and door handles will all be replaced. Everything that you usually see and interact with will be refreshed, but you won’t have to pay for the parts that you don’t spend much time looking at.

If you want your cabinets to look new without paying the price of new, then call us: Custom Cabinet Refacing. We serve Rockland County in New York, and Bergen County in New Jersey.

Save Time

Building brand-new, custom cabinets takes quite a bit of time. There’s a lot of precise work that has to be done. The design has to fit your kitchen and appliances, which means that precision measurements and construction are key. The more extensive a build is, the longer it takes.

Refacing, like anything to do with cabinetry, is a process that requires patience and attention to detail. However, it’s also far less extensive than a build-from-scratch. Because there’s less to do, the process moves much more quickly.

With Custom Cabinet Refacing in New City, NY, you don’t have to spend weeks with a home improvement project underfoot. After the chosen materials for your product have arrived, the actual build time for a reface tends to be only about 5 days.

If you want to spend more time enjoying the new look of your cabinets, and less time dealing with the disruption caused by the project, call us. Cabinet refacing saves you quite a bit of money and time over building new. You may be able to remodel your kitchen (or bathroom) for less than you think!


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