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Cabinets aren’t just for kitchens!

Cabinetry is everywhere in your bathroom. This means that Custom Cabinet Refacing can help you renew and remodel the following items:

  • Vanities
  • Medicine Storage
  • Freestanding Storage
  • Linen Storage
  • Wall Shelving

If it stores something in your bathroom, Ron can make it look newer and work better. Call us today to start being happier about how your bathroom looks.

Refacing makes your bathroom look brand new, without the brand new price

Maybe you’ve seen or heard those ads from companies that help you update your bathroom with a drop-in tub, or remake a tub into a shower? The advantage in these kinds of remodels is the same as what you get with re-facing your bathroom cabinets: Less cost, less mess, less time.

Completely removing and replacing bathroom cabinets is a process that’s very disruptive. Plumbing sometimes has to be disconnected, there can be quite a bit of dust, and your bathroom can be out of commission for weeks. Refacing involves much less dismantling, essentially no demolition, and can be done in a matter of days.

Now, don’t forget that we also do top-quality, “from-scratch,” cabinet builds. An extensive remodel that necessitates the re-configuration of bathroom cabinetry is one that requires new construction. Ron has decades of experience in both refacing and new builds. Put that experience to work for you. Call Custom Cabinet Refacing in New City, NY for any bathroom project that involves cabinets: (845) 634-2510


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