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Sometimes, new is what you need

There are times when cabinet refacing just isn’t enough, or isn’t appropriate. For instance, if a kitchen or bathroom remodel requires your cabinets to be in a totally different configuration, refacing won’t be adequate. If structural wood has been damaged, then just covering over it won’t restore its strength. Sometimes you’re building a whole new house. You can’t reface what isn’t there.

The great thing about having cabinetry built new, to your specifications, is that you can have a look that is unique to you. Your cabinets will stand out, because they’ll be an expression of your own creativity and style.

If you have a project, call us first. Ron Panny does business in and around New City, NY as Custom Cabinet Refacing: (845) 634-2510.

Why use a refacer for new cabinets?

It might seem a little odd for someone who specializes in refacing to offer custom builds. However, the reality is that Custom Cabinet Refacing is a natural choice for all-new cabinet construction projects.

Ron Panny, the heart and soul of Custom Cabinet Refacing, began his business in 1977. It is his 35 years of experience in building brand new cabinetry that makes him an excellent refacer. Ron has seen almost everything that can be seen, and he can build around the most difficult problem areas.

Ron’s skill at building new units is what drove his interest in refacing. He is very, very confident that any design that you’d like built from scratch is well within his abilities. Whether they’re wall units or freestanding islands, Ron can create beautiful cabinetry that you’ll be proud to show off.


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